Dog recovering after being found starved, abandoned in Richmond dumpster

RACC: Dog found starved, abandoned in Richmond dumpster

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) say a dog was found abandoned in a dumpster at the Residences of Westover Hills.

The RACC was notified after citizens found the dog, now named Blue Skies, wounded and skinny on Tuesday night.

“The evidence of his body suggests that he’d been crated for a very long time, he was covered in feces, his nails were embedded with dirt and poop,” said Christie Chipps Peters with RACC. “They’re the big dumpsters, you got to work at it to make that happen - to put a dog in the trash like that is just so degrading.”

Dog found abandoned in dumpster.
Dog found abandoned in dumpster. (Source: RACC)

Blue Skies was then taken to Virginia Veterinary Centers in Carytown for treatment. While he survived the ordeal, the same cannot be said for another dog last week.

Blue Skies is quickly recovering at the VVC, despite some minor injuries.

“He has one significant cut on the front leg that did require sutures, but the others are just wounds that we can’t decide what they’re from. Either he’s been crated and restrained and those are rubs that show, or who knows what his short life has brought to him,” said Chipps Peters.

Authorities are asking for tips from anyone who might know who was behind leaving the dog in the dumpster. They point out Blue Skies’ distinct look, adding that photos on their Facebook page may help.

RACC says that the Blue Skies will be up for adoption, and they are accepting applicants.

Anyone with information on the person responsible should contact 647-5573 or email with information.

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