Vaccinations underway for teachers in Henrico, Richmond and Chesterfield experiencing delays

Vaccinations underway for teachers in Henrico, Richmond and Chesterfield experiencing delays

HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - As teachers across Central Virginia line up for the vaccine, teachers in Henrico have started to receive their first dose during the mass vaccination event at the Richmond Raceway.

“Things are going well, there is a lot of positive energy, a lot of efficiency and people are going in and out as smoothly as possible,” explained Henrico Schools spokesperson Andy Jenks. “Our teachers are getting their shots, our [school] nurses are there making this happened- you have to think, there are a lot of people going through this event in a short amount of time.”

Henrico’s Chief of Emergency Management, Jackson Baynard, says this Raceway event will be made up of people in group Phase 1b which includes police, fire and hazmat crews in addition to K-12 teachers. The goal is to administer about 12,000 vaccines in nine days.

“By the time all is said and done, we are looking to get more than 5,000 teachers through this process, this for dose number one. A month later they will get dose number two - we’re looking to get 5,000 of our folks vaccinated, bus drivers, teachers, educators, staff, anyone assisting with in-person learning or in-person interaction,” said Jenks.

The same situation is not happening in the City of Richmond or Chesterfield County.

In Richmond, several school staff members had their vaccination appointments inadvertently canceled and rescheduled.

Superintendent Jason Kamras says this happened after the Richmond City Health District had to cancel thousands of appointments and disable the registration link after some people signed up that were not yet eligible.

Kamras says there will be a new registration system and new vaccination events scheduled for February.

He also noted that any RPS employee working in-person right now will be vaccinated during events this week and next week.

In Chesterfield County, teachers continue to wait, as elementary students are still slated to return to in-person learning five days a week on Feb. 1.

CCPS said the Chesterfield Health District placed an order for 8,000 first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine last week.

School officials said the county government estimated that at least half of that order would arrive this week, so vaccination clinics for Cohort No. 1 and elementary school staff members were planned.

“Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of others at the state level as to when we receive the number of shots that we need. I regret that I have to share the supply chain outside of CCPS has not delivered,” a letter to employees said.

The first shipment of the shots arrived Monday and only contained 1,000 doses, and the county government is only giving the school division 750 of those doses for staff, CCPS said.

In an update to NBC12 Wednesday, a school spokesperson says educators in Cohort 1, who are currently teaching in-person will receive shots Thursday at two central sites through school health nurses.

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