4,000 COVID-19 vaccines to be administered at Richmond Raceway starting Wednesday

4,000 COVID-19 vaccines to be administered at Richmond Raceway starting Wednesday

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - The operation to administer 12,000 vaccines in just nine days is set to begin at the Richmond Raceway this week.

Henrico’s Chief of Emergency Management, Jackson Baynard, says this event will be made up of people in group phase 1b which includes police, fire and hazmat crews in addition to K-12 teachers.

“This is what’s going to get us to the light at the end of the tunnel,” Baynard said. “We have 4,000 that we have on hand through our partners that we will be delivering Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.”

Over the next three days, the health district plans on administering more than 1,200 vaccines. Those receiving the vaccines this week at the raceway were already provided links to register by their employers late last week.

“We won’t be doing any walkups at the Richmond Raceway. It’s appointment only and there’s a verification process for people who arrive on-site at the raceway,” Baynard said.

There was confusion after the health district had to cancel around 6,000 registrations after links were mistakenly sent to those who were not yet eligible for the event.

Those in group 1b who want the next crack at the vaccine will have to fill out the interest form found VAX.RCHD.com to be put on a digital database to be notified for future vaccine events

The health district also has a call center, which can be reached at 804-205-3501, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. People can fill out the interest form over the phone through this line.

“There are still some agencies that are still working to get their folks registered for the allotted appointment slots we have available for those agencies,” he said.

Next week, the goal is to deliver another 8,000 shots at the raceway, but those doses aren’t on hand just yet.

“We don’t know exactly what we will be receiving for next week, but we made the request to make sure that we can meet the need for the 8,000 for the six days the following week,” Baynard said. “We are trying to build capacity so that our only limiting factor vaccine that we receive through the Virginia Department of Health.”

The vaccines that will be administered this week will be from Moderna, which will require recipients to receive a second dose four weeks later in order to be fully inoculated. The next step will be making sure that the same 4,000 people who take part will be ready to receive the second dose.

“When people get their vaccine, we of course give them an appointment reminder card so they remember to go ahead and get their second dose. They are also registered in the CDC systems called VAMS, and that system will send automatic emails and text messages to remind people to come back for their second dose,” RHHD Communication Coordinator Cat Long said.

“We know that in 28 days we’ll need to prepare the second doses for the people we vaccinate Wednesday Thursday and Friday, so that’s part of our strategic planning process that we’re working through as we try to project out not just this week and next week, but also four, six and eight weeks from now about what are capability and capacity will be,” Baynard said.

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