2nd Amendment supporters from all over Virginia come to Richmond for Lobby Day

Updated: Jan. 18, 2021 at 2:11 PM EST
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Whether they were on wheels or on foot, plenty of people showed up for a Second Amendment rally in downtown Richmond.

“We cannot lose that right to self-defense. That’s one of the key cornerstones of this country. That life matters. And that you have a right to protect it,” said Philip Van Cleave, Virginia Citizens Defense League.

Monday, the main action was along Broad Street where the Virginia Citizens Defense League hosted a caravan advocating Second Amendment rights.

Kristina Baker, from Richmond, ditched the car and went to the Virginia State Capitol.

“I’m a female who refuses to be a victim and the second amendment affords me the right to protect myself and take an active role in my own safety,” said Baker, a Second Amendment advocate.

2A supporters came from all over the state for Lobby Day. That’s when people can lobby their state lawmakers on potential legislation this year.

Downtown was heavily fortified with many streets closed but that didn’t deter pockets of people from turning out with their own self-described peaceful messages and messages about small government.

“We have these huge monstrous buildings we are now barred from. We are not able to exercise our rights. We’re just the plebes. We just get the scraps,” said an unidentified man.

“It’s not like we’re saying tear down all these government agencies. We want the freedom to say no and the freedom to not be forced to pay for them,” added a second unidentified man.

Meanwhile, VCDL’s executive director says they have advocated for their rights because if they don’t gun laws can change.

“It’s all the more reason I’m glad I’m a gun owner right now with all this insanity going on,” said Van Cleave.

The security scene in downtown Richmond isn’t over. The Capitol Square complex will remain closed through Thursday. You can also expect the security measures to remain in place downtown.

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