Eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine? Officials say fill out this interest form

Mass vaccination planned for Central Virginia

RICHMOND, Va. - If you are looking for a link to sign up for the mass vaccination event at the Richmond Raceway next week, you won’t find one. That’s because the fire, police, hazmat or teacher personnel that are eligible should have received the link from their employers.

However, there is hope for those who couldn’t sign up for next week’s event. The Richmond and Henrico Health District is urging people who qualify for groups 1A and 1B to fill out an interest form, found on vax.rchd.com.

Cat Long with the RHHD says by completing the form, you will be put on a digital database and notified for future vaccine events.

“From there, they will be contacted by one of our vaccine coordinators when it’s time for them to get the vaccine,” Long said.

There was confusion on Friday after 6,000 registrations for an upcoming COVID-19 vaccine event at the Richmond Raceway were canceled after residents not eligible for the event received an online signup link by mistake and used it to register.

Of the approximate 6,000 registrations, 55% were from individuals who were not part of the priority groups, officials said.

But Long says the health district has several vaccination opportunities planned this month.

“We’re working with primary care providers to get them vaccines so they can distribute vaccines for their patent populations,” Long said. “We’re also setting up a mobile vaccination clinic that will be able to travel around to correctional facilities and offer the vaccine to any residents or employees of correctional facilities who want the vaccine.”

The health district also has a call center, which can be reached at 804-205-3501, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. People can fill out the interest form over the phone through this line.

The health district says similar to COVID-19 testing, it will take time before anyone who wants a vaccine will be able to get one easily. Long said the commonwealth is on track to make sure those shots reach all the arms of Virginians.

“We have provided 36,000 vaccines for Phase 1A and that has been a combination of doing these events throughout the week. So when you look at a particular event, it does seem like a small number, but it does add up,” Long said.

To fill out the interest form online, visit vax.rchd.com.

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