COVID-19 vaccination event registrations canceled after residents receive link by mistake

COVID-19 vaccination event registrations canceled after residents receive link by mistake

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Several thousand registrations for an upcoming COVID-19 vaccine event at the Richmond Raceway have been canceled after residents not eligible for the event received an online signup link by mistake and used it to register.

The signup link was only supposed to be used by public school and public safety employees from Goochland, Hanover and Henrico counties and the City of Richmond. These are the people in the top three groups of Phase 1b.

While the Virginia Department of Health is sponsoring public vaccination clinics, this was not intended for the general public.

Of the approximate 6,000 registrations, 55 percent were from individuals who were not part of the priority groups, officials said.

“Unfortunately, many residents in central Virginia who are not part of these priority vaccination groups received the registration link by mistake,” said Tony McDowell, Henrico’s deputy county manager for public safety. “We regret this error and any inconvenience or confusion it has caused for our residents.

Other people in Phase 1b, such as older residents and those with certain pre-existing health conditions, are also a high priority, McDowell said.

Public school and safety agencies in Goochland, Hanover, Henrico and Richmond will confirm and be in contact with their employees who registered. Chesterfield public school and safety employees should continue with existing plans.

The Raceway vaccinations will begin sometime next week. Cat Long with the Richmond Henrico Health District says the specific days or times will only be disclosed to those who register in order to maintain safety.

“We do want people to call ahead and register to find out about the events, we’re being very cautious about security,” Long said.

There will be three separate vaccination events at the Raceway where RHHD says they are expecting to administer first-round doses to a total of 4,000 people. At this time, there is no word on which vaccine will be administered at the event, but Long says the health district is equipped to handle Pfizer or Moderna’s vaccine.

The next step will be making sure that the same 4,000 people who take part will be ready to receive the second dose.

“When people get their vaccine we of course give them an appointment reminder card so they remember to go ahead and get their second dose. They are also registered in the CDC systems called VAMS, and that system will send automatic emails and text messages to remind people to come back for their second dose,” Long said.

Separate plans are also shaping up to expand vaccinations to those 65 and up and corrections and homeless shelter residents and workers.

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