Protecting your family from computer viruses

Protecting your family from computer viruses

RICHMOND, Va. (WXIX) - With your kids online nearly every day during virtual learning, it’s important to make sure they are wary of clicking on unsolicited emails and links.

Nearly 40 percent of parents already use parental controls on devices in order to keep their kids safe while online. Unfortunately, that’s not enough.

The newest trend for scammers is going after your kids through gaming apps. Kids love to play games on their phones or tablets and scammers know this.

According to cybersecurity company, Avast, malicious apps disguised as games, were downloaded 15 million times this summer alone.

The bad apps are often advertised on sites like Tik Tok, Instagram and YouTube, which are places where young people like to visit.

When one of these bad apps is downloaded, pop-up ads appear that can add dangerous malware to the device if clicked on.

The information on that phone or tablet is then compromised, and if it’s connected to your home wifi, more devices can be compromised as well.

Anti-virus software available like Norton Security Online can help, but you also need to have a conversation with your kids about safe ways to interact online so they understand the dangers of clicking on unknown links.

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