Hacking the 52 Week Money Challenge

52 week money challenge

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - This week we told you all about the 52 week money challenge to get you to save in 2021.

Now, we’re going to show you how to hack it! The idea is simple! You start socking away a dollar the first week of January 2021. Two dollars the second week. Gradually increasing how much you save each week until you are setting aside $52 for the final week in December. By the end of the year you will have saved $1,378.

The only downside is your stuck saving around $50 a week in December. A month you are buying holiday gifts and probably already spending a lot. So, one way to get around this is the print out the chart and cross of weeks whenever you fulfill them.

Maybe you get a big Christmas bonus and you start with the $52 contribution right away!

Cross that off the list. Maybe the next week you set aside $22. Cross that week off the list. The goal is still the same. You are trying to build up your savings by $1300 at the end of 2021. You just pick and choose which weeks you want to tackle first.

And some apps out there help you automatically save. Digit and Qapital are good ones to consider.

One more trick? Put this money in a high interest savings account online so it grows even more as you save.

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