Hermitage Richmond administers COVID-19 vaccine to residents, team members

Coronavirus vaccine roll out at retirement home

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Hundreds of people at a North Side retirement community got that all-important shot in the arm on Friday morning, as Hermitage Richmond rolled out their first COVID-19 doses to residents and staff.

215 people were administered the vaccine; Hermitage Richmond’s Assistant Nursing Director was the first of 100 employees and 115 residents in line.

“Here at Hermitage Richmond, we haven’t had any positive cases, and that’s amazing when you think about what’s happened at other communities,” said Chris Henderson, the President and CEO of Pinnacle Living, over of the retirement community.

Henderson says it wasn’t just luck but the result of hard work by the people here, many of whom were eager to get the shot.

“We know that our residents are excited about being able to just hug their daughter, hug their son, be with their grandchildren, and this is an exciting step forward. We’ve got a lot of work to do,” Henderson said.

But while some are looking towards the family time that they’ll gain, others think of family they’ve lost.

“I took this in her name so that nobody else would have to bury a sister,” said Bernetta Finney-Vincent, the Life Enhancement Coordinator at Heritage.

It was just earlier this week when she lost her older sister, Martha, to the virus. She believes everyone should get the vaccine, if and when they can.

“If a 97-year-old woman in England can take the shot, I can take the shot,” she added.

Friday’s rollout was the first of three sessions. Pharmacists will return in three weeks for the second dose, and then again for people who missed out the first time.

Hermitage Richmond adds that although the vaccine administration will hopefully increase the possibility of reunions among residents and their families, residents and team members will continue taking preventative measures and follow the CDC guidelines including:

  • Wearing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Screening team members
  • Physically distancing
  • Restricting visitation to our community

Walgreens will coordinate, schedule and administer the vaccine at Hermitage Richmond on behalf of the Virginia Department of Health.

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