Virginia lawmakers respond to violence at US Capitol

Virginia lawmakers react from Washington

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Several Virginia lawmakers were in Washington DC, all working to certify the election results when the violent rioters stormed the United States Capitol.

All of them are reporting they were safe on Wednesday evening.

Congressman Donald McEachin did not mince words on how he feels about the events of the day.

“Well, the traitorous and traitor Donald Trump has started this. He told these people to storm the Capitol. They follow him regardless of the illogic of his arguments. They’ve done just that. I’m hearing reports that at least one civilian has been shot in the Capital. They’ve managed to delay the inevitable, which is the certification of Biden and Harris as president and vice-president of the US but hear me clearly, we will get our work done. The Congress will execute its constitutionally required duty. We will get this done no matter how long it takes. We will regain control of the Capitol. We’ve got the world’s best security force protecting us and we will right this wrong,” McEachin said.

In total, DC Police said four people died. The woman who was shot by police and three others had medical emergencies.

“We started to see that they were here in the building which was of concern...I was very concerned about the actions that I saw,” Congressman Rob Wittman said of what he saw at the Capitol.

Republican Congressman Ben Cline, who said he would support objections to the Electoral College certification process, shared this message on social media.

Democratic Senator Tim Kaine said he and his staff were safe after the Capitol was stormed.

Democratic Senator Mark Warner said he was also safe and watched the protests that took place outside.

Republican Congressman Bob Good, who also planned on objecting to the results, released the following statement.

Peaceful assembly, protesting & petitioning our government to express our grievances is fundamental to our constitutional republic. We are also a nation established on the rule of law and we must never resort to violence...I call on everyone to express their views peacefully and to respect our Capitol and courageous law enforcement officers working nobly to keep us all safe. I am thankful that my staff and I are safe and my prayer is for the safety of everyone today,” Good said on Twitter.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Congress would resume the counting of the Electoral College votes Wednesday evening, after the U.S. Capitol was cleared of pro-Trump occupiers who stormed the building.

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