Senator Mark Warner addresses the pandemic and certifying election results

Senator Mark Warner addresses the pandemic and certifying election results
Warner says votes against certification will not change results

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — Senator Mark Warner took questions from reporters Tuesday in a virtual press conference. He shared his thoughts on everything from the presidential election to the pandemic.

Warner says the COVID-19 relief package that President Donald Trump initially tried to veto received overwhelming bipartisan support, with 92 to six votes in favor in the Senate.

He says the almost $15 billion of relief going to Virginians is extremely important as the number of new coronavirus cases continues to rise.

“In many parts of Virginia, particularly southwest, we’re seeing numbers hit records for the extent of the whole virus. So COVID is still out there, but help is on the way in terms of federal assistance,” Warner said.

The senator also says he wants to see the rollout of vaccines be more organized at the federal level.

Warner also addressed the uproar on Capitol Hill over certifying the election results. Warner says he is confident by this Thursday, Joe Biden will officially be declared president-elect after the senate certifies the results.

He says the next 72 hours will be a bumpy road, with President Trump and his supporters fighting the results.

“Politics is done best when we have a center-left party and a center-right party that argues policy but don’t try to undermine people’s faith in our basic democratic process, and I think our election process in Virginia is safe,” Warner said.

Warner says he has been in touch with law enforcement regarding protestors of the election.

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