Woman gets life-long dream of mole removal granted ahead for Christmas

Updated: Dec. 25, 2020 at 2:41 PM EST
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - It was Christmas morning in 2019, and 23-year-old Morgan Crookston finally got the gift she’s wanted since elementary school.

She could barely get through the tears, but she was ecstatic.

”Tell everybody,” Crookston said. “This doctor is going to remove my moles on my face!”

The doctor Morgan is talking about is Dr. Joe Niamtu, one of the foremost authorities on the East Coast for cosmetic procedures on the face and neck. Every year, Dr. Niamtu takes on a few cases at “no charge.” The letter Morgan’s dad sent really touched him. It reads in part:

“Dear Dr. Niamtu, I have a special Christmas request for my 23-year-old daughter Morgan, who has more than 20 moles on her face and is very self-conscience about them. I wanted to make this request, even though I know it may be a long shot. Morgan is my oldest child of six children - and is still my little girl. It hurts me as a dad to see how self-conscience she is about her moles.”

Fast forward a few weeks, and Dr. Niamtu got in touch. After a consultation, Dr. Niamtu agreed to remove her moles through a series of laser and radiowave procedures that other doctor’s Morgan contacted wouldn’t even consider.

”I went to so many dermatologists and other plastic surgeons, and all of them said no,” Crookston said. “But honestly, Dr. Niamtu has the right technology to do it in a way where you can take off flat moles without leaving an scarring.”

Some of the moles are removed with a device that generates radiowaves that cause the water in the cells to boil and burst. The result is a more gentle incision and reduced scarring compared to traditional procedures.

A laser is used on some of the flattered, pigmented moles, where the removal of tissue isn’t required. The moles were on her face, chin, neck and even ears, but now, no scars or a hint they were there.

In the months since her procedures, Morgan’s life has dramatically changed. She’s about to graduate from college, newly engaged, and for the first time in her life, she really feels good about what she sees in the mirror.

”It definitely has increased by self-esteem like a ton,” Crookston said. “I just feel so much more confident going out, that people aren’t, not like people necessarily would, but be distracted by like how many moles I had.”

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