Here are some ways to crack the price tag code

Crack the price tag code

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - You know you’ve done it! Picked up an item that’s on sale in a store and wondered, “Is this as low as it will go?.”

Many stores use an internal pricing system that shows you if an item has been marked down, if it will be marked down again, or if it’s a final markdown.

You just have to know how to crack the price tag code.

Kyle James with the website, Rather Be Shopping, has been studying the prices at stores for years, even collecting tips from employees and insiders.

He thinks he’s cracked a few of the price tag codes.

Let’s start with Dick’s Sporting Goods. James says you can easily avoid paying full price if you look at the price tags.

He says prices ending in .00 or .99, indicates full-price. Prices ending in .93 or .97, means these are clearance items. An employee at Kohl’s helped James crack that code.

Make sure you look at the letters in the top right corner of the digital shelf tag.

For instance, ‘GV’ means Great Value. Limited time price drop, usually only lasts 1-2 days.

‘NM’ means new markdown.

‘S’ stands for sale price, and ‘BGH’ stands for Buy one, get one for half off.

At Target, Prices ending in .99 are full price. Prices ending in 8, such as .98 or .88, is the marked down price of an item on clearance.

He breaks even more prices down for Sears, Sam’s Club, Pet Smart, Home Depot, JC Penny and many more!

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