Richmond woman shares experience taking trial COVID-19 vaccine

Updated: Dec. 11, 2020 at 6:10 PM EST
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - The race to complete testing for COVID-19 continues, with several companies waiting for FDA approval before shipping out their vaccines. In order to do this, thousands of people across the country volunteered themselves for clinical trials including one Richmond mom, Emmie Croxford.

“It’s something I never imagined myself doing, but then again this isn’t something we’ve ever been through before,” Croxford said.

Croxford was approached by the Oxford Astrazeneca trial, which requires two doses spread 29 days apart to be considered effective. While she had reservations about it, Croxford ultimately agreed and signed a 20-page consent form in order to participate.

“The entire time I felt safe, they were constantly checking up on us and asking us questions,” Croxford said. “Other than a few mild symptoms, it really wasn’t bad.”

The first vaccine was administered to Croxford in early November. She said while she did not feel any negative symptoms other than tingling, she did develop some after her second dose in December.

“I can only explain it as having like a mild cold,” Croxford said. “But I would rather have gone through this and had a stinky headache then go through what other COVID-19 patients have to.”

As it stands, Astrazeneca is completing it’s third phase of the clinical trial. It joins other companies such as Pfizer and Moderna in waiting for FDA approval before being released to the general public. Croxford said if she had to do it again, she would.

“If this is something we can do that can actually help people, then of course I would,” Croxford said. “There is too much on the line for some families, we can do this much.”

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