Richmond businesses prepare for Small Business Saturday

Richmond businesses prepare for Small Business Saturday

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Many businesses that have been struggling during the pandemic have been praying for a profitable holiday shopping season.

No one has had bigger hopes than small businesses, that’s why they’re encouraging you to shop local on Small Business Saturday.

“To support small business, it means to keep our doors open,” said the owner of Bonnie’s Boutique, Bonnie Patterson.

Small Business Saturday is a day most small businesses look forward to each year.

“I’m very excited about small business, it’s typically one of our busiest shopping days of the year,” said owner World of Mirth, Thea Brown.

But in 2020, the need to support Small Business Saturday is greater than ever.

“We were closed for three months,” said Patterson.

“We were closed to in-person shopping for four months, which we never had to do before,” said Brown.

Both Brown and Patterson say their customers have supported them throughout the pandemic, and hope they continue to stand behind them.

“Not only are we the backbone of the American economy, we are the ones who will donate to your local PTA or your local non-profits,” said Brown. “Local businesses really do help you more than just having a story front.”

Regardless of what happens on Small Business Saturday, both business owners welcome the upbeat moment in the spotlight.

“We have done everything we can do to help make it easy as possible for people to shop,” said Brown.

“Even if they just walk through and say hello, they’ll will have the opportunity to look in and see what we have,” said Patterson.

If you can’t make it to one of the stores in person, you can still support by purchasing something online or by buying a gift card.

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