Tips before you go Black Friday shopping

Black Friday Shopping Tips

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Black Friday has evolved from a one-day shopping frenzy to a month-long savings event.

Most of us will do some kind of online shopping in the upcoming weeks and nobody wants to pay full price for the gifts they buy.

Our partners at the financial site Nerdwallet put together some simple steps anyone can use to bring your totals down.

First, make a list and set a budget so you know exactly how much you can spend. Black Friday ads are released early so browse through them and choose items in your price range with that list in hand.

Shop early. Online shopping has surged during the pandemic and supply chain disruptions could create widespread shipping delays.

Set a schedule.

Deals have already started so mark your calendar for when sales kick-off.

Check out Black Friday’s website. All of the deals are listed for nearly every major retailer.

Keep in mind, the sales online sometimes start hours before they do in the store. Look for free shipping and always apply coupons from sites like Retail-Me-Not. Compare prices using apps like ShopSavvy or Rakuten.

Consider creating an online account where you plan to shop. That way, everything is set up in advance and you can complete your transaction before an item goes out of stock.

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