Extended benefits program for unemployment assistance deactivates in Virginia today

Unemployment benefits

RICHMOND, Va. (WHSV) — According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the Extended Benefits program becomes available when someone has exhausted all their regular unemployment benefits during a time when the state is experiencing high unemployment.

On May 31, Virginia’s extended benefits program was activated as the insured unemployment rate raised above 5%. The program allows for those who have exhausted their regular unemployment benefits to seeking additional assistance.

This is not a new benefit nor a new process for use, according to Joyce Fogg of the Virginia Employment Commission.

“It triggers on or becomes active when Virginia’s insured unemployment rate, which is different from the regular unemployment rate, gets above five percent, and we’ve been above five percent so it triggered on,” Fogg explained.

Once the rate goes back down, the program is no longer available.

“The last payable week is this week we’re in now. So after this week, there will be no more payouts until or if the rate goes back up,” Fogg explained. “That unemployment rate goes above five percent for at least 13 weeks then it will trigger back on.”

Fogg said they had 1.4 million claims and about 20,000 people will be affected by ending the program.

There are jobs listed on the VEC website.

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