Virginia day care closed for ignoring COVID-19 guidelines

Virginia day care closed for ignoring COVID-19 guidelines

FAIRLAWN, Va. (WWBT/WSLS) - A Christian day care in southwest Virginia was forced to close because its pastor believes COVID-19 is a hoax.

The state health department had yanked Little Lambs Christian Day School’s food permit because staff and students were not wearing masks and not following social distancing guidelines. An employee also reportedly came to work while infected with COVID-19.

After the closure, a letter went out to parents with the pastor saying the virus was invented to “establish the anti-Christ Kingdom on earth.”

“I was like this is a joke, I almost just started laughing,” said Chelsea Sewell, a parent. “I was like there is no way that they send this to us and I walked out to my car and read it and I was like what in the world is going on like this is not okay.”

The state says the day care and a private school affiliated with it can operate if the COVID-19 rules are followed. According to the Washington Post, the pastor indicated the answer is no.

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