Feed More sees demand for help more than double in a week

Feed More sees demand for help more than double in a week

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - More people than ever are in need this year, and one central Virginia company is working hard to meet the huge demand, specifically when it comes to food.

Feed More is one of the largest providers in the area, and they are able to meet the demands thanks to donations from the community. They currently have a huge supply of food, which is good because the requests for help have more than doubled in the last week.

“We’re not turning anybody away,” Jeff Wilklow of Feed More said. “We’re keeping it going.”

When your heart is in it, serving others is easy. Even when times get tough.

“We had a big spike in March,” he said. “Then that came down steadily as federal assistance came online, but now it’s starting to spike back up again.”

This week alone, Wilklow says the company received 265 additional calls from people looking for food. Compare that to 100 additional calls they receive on any given week.

“More people need our help than ever before,” Wilklow said.

Across the country, huge lines of people have gathered outside of food pantries waiting to get served. Feed More says that’s not the case here.

“One of the things we’re pleased about, the agency network held up,” said Wilklow. “We’ve seen in other parts of the country because people stopped volunteering, their agency network collapsed and that’s why you see the long food lines in some of these areas.”

He’s referring to some 300 partner agencies across our area that distribute food to people in need. Whenever you see the huge orange Feed More collection boxes around town, that means you can help. All you have to do is bring a canned good, place it inside of the box and it goes toward meeting the need.

“We try not to overemphasize the holidays because people are hungry every day,” Wilklow said.

But it does mean more people are demonstrating kindness.

“Because people aren’t able to get as large a gathering together as they might normally on Thanksgiving, we’ve had a lot of people calling saying ‘you know what, I’m not going to spend what we normally would on Thanksgiving dinner, so I’m going to give it to you so you can feed more people’ and I think that’s such a cool thing,” he said.

Recently someone donated $2.10 cents to the company. That may not sound like a lot but that’s all it took to purchase 10 meals for someone in need.

The company is accepting donations and volunteers here.

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