Heavy flooding in Farmville leads to water rescue and damaged buildings

Major flooding prompts water rescues

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Road closures, property damage and a water rescue were all underway in Farmville after a large rainstorm caused massive flooding.

The Appomattox River crested at nearly 24 feet, with local departments working together to keep all roadways and waterways safe.

However, a group of canoers was rescued after they decided to brave the strong currents. Farmville police said two people had capsized on the river after their canoes sideswiped a submerged tree. One of them was able to get to land by themselves, but the other had to climb a tree and await rescue after his canoe was swept away by the river.

Chief of Farmville Police, Anthony Ellington, said they were able to save the man with no injuries.

“We did not get the canoe, but we were able to get him back to shore safely, and he was unharmed,” said Ellington. “In my tenure here in the department, I cannot remember the last time we’ve had to do a river rescue.”

Flood damages could be seen all across Main Street. Business owner and council member, Brian Vincent, said they were able to move most of their product before their basement was flooded.

“One of my guys sat down there when it was bone dry, and within an hour it had filled that whole section up by two feet,” said Vincent. “We’ve been cleaning up the entire day now, salvaging what we can and trashing the rest.”

Farmville Police are hopeful the water levels will lower in a few days time. However, they are asking residents to be careful near the edges of the river and to use common sense.

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