Runners take aim at Richmond Challenge

They will be running the full marathon, half-marathon and 8K all within a 16-day span

Runners take aim at Richmond Challenge

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - This year’s Richmond Marathon looks a little bit different, but it’s opened up a unique opportunity for runners who are feeling ambitious.

About 200 participants in this year’s event will try and tackle the Richmond Challenge - running the full marathon, half-marathon and 8K all within the 16-day span of the race. The challenge certainly caught the eye of Richmond resident Meghan McClure, who has run three previous Richmond half-marathons.

“When I got an e-mail from Sports Backers outlining the challenge and the way that they’re setting up the marathon, half-marathon and 8K this year, I thought, well hey, that’s got my name written all over it,” smiled McClure.

Alan Garcia is also taking aim at the challenge. The Lakeside resident moved to Richmond from California and has heard good things about the marathon experience.

“[My roommate] told me about the challenge and I figured it’d be a good idea to get out there and take it on,” Garcia said.

There are several ways that runners could approach the three races. Some may opt to get the full marathon out of the way first, but both McClure and Garcia plan to start with the 8K and work their ways up.

“It’s totally a ramp-up methodology that I’m going with,” noted McClure. “I tossed around a couple of ways to do it.”

“Probably a week or so (in between) to let my body rest,” added Garcia. “I might do a mile or two just to keep my legs warm.”

One leg of the challenge in particular will mark a special occasion for both of these runners. Neither McClure nor Garcia has ever run a full marathon, so that will be an accomplishment in itself.

“I’m super excited. I can’t wait to do it,” Garcia said. “Knowing it’s so close now, I just can’t sleep. I just can’t wait.”

“I know I can do the first half, it’s just a matter of getting across the finish line for the second,” remarked McClure. “I’m really just interested to see just how much I can push my body and how I feel afterwards.”

Runners who complete the challenge will receive a special commemorative medal, in addition to the finisher’s medals from all three races.

Registration remains open for the 2020 Richmond Marathon, which runs through Nov. 22 at the official racecourse at Dorey Park and the Virginia Capital Trail. Those interested can sign up, here.

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