Military spouses say Nevada GOP called them potentially fraudulent voters

Military spouses shocked that their votes are being questioned

SAN FRANCISCO (CNN) - When the 2020 election results came in and the race grew tight in Nevada, President Donald Trump’s campaign officials made accusations that thousands of people who had moved out of the state had fraudulently cast their votes, potentially swinging the race to President-elect Biden.

“We are also confident that there are thousands of people whose votes have been counted that have moved out of Clark County during the pandemic,”said Adam Laxalt, co-chair of Trump Campaign Nevada. The alleged proof from Nevada Republicans: A change of address database that publicly lists zip codes of where 3,000 or so voters currently and previously lived.

Two military wives say they were on the list even though their permanent residence is in Nevada.

For instance, cast vote record 337 shows a voter who previously lived in Henderson, Nev., but is now in Davis, Calif. By the Nevada GOP’s logic, that person would be ineligible to vote.

The problem is, military spouse Amy Rose says she’s that voter and she’s far from a fraudulent voter.

“When I first saw that we were on the list, frankly, I was just very shocked,” she said. “I think that they should understand that the actions that they’re taking are harmful to America. This is harmful to our democratic process. I think that these types of accusations made without any basis in fact, are really just shocking and appalling,” Rose said.

Rose’s husband is active duty in the Air Force, stationed at Travis Air Force Base in California. Under federal and state laws, they’re still permanent Nevada residents, making them eligible to vote there in the 2020 election.

She said she found herself on the list easily.

“So I just searched for where we live now, and I found our city and it matched our zip code. It matched our four code, which is the four code indicates a very small, like one block or so radius. And that matched up with where we moved from in Nevada. So put two and two together and realized it was myself and my husband,” Rose said.

Even a cursory glance at the list, you can see hundreds of other entries using APO, meaning Army post office, AFB for Air Force Base or JB for Joint Base.

“My home of record is in Nevada. I sold a house in Nevada, my license plates are Nevada, I pay Nevada property tax,” said Stephanie, who does not want her last name used. She says she’s also on the list, No. 464.

Stephanie and her husband, who’s spent 12 years in the military, are stationed in the Washington, D.C. area. He’s a major and pilot in the Air Force, although Las Vegas is their permanent home.

“My husband fights for his country. He has offered to pay the ultimate sacrifice, and I stand alongside him, and now my own vote is called into question without any sort of legitimacy,” Stephanie said. “You guys have got to do better. You got to do better.”

There appears to be hundreds of zip codes on that list that correlate to military bases. Other people could be students away at college but still eligible to vote in Nevada.

The Trump campaign said, “We have referred a list of people who voted in Nevada’s election, yet have moved out of the state, to the Department of Justice and local election authorities. We have no way to confirm whether a small number of these voters fall under an exemption, which is why we referred it to the authorities for further investigation."

Biden’s lead in Nevada stands at approximately 37,000 votes. There are 3,000 or so people on the list.

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