COVID-19 outbreak reported at Henrico Voter Registration Office, Public Works

Voters not believed to have been exposed based on symptom timing

COVID-19 outbreak reported at Henrico Voter Registration Office, Public Works

HENRICO Co., Va. (WWBT) - In Henrico, employees from two separate government offices will be working from home over the next couple of days, after seven staffers tested positive for coronavirus. Those employees work in the Department of Public Works and the Voter Registration and Elections Office.

While government offices are closed Wednesday for Veterans' Day, those Henrico offices will close again on Thursday and Friday for a deep cleaning following a COVID-19 outbreak the county is working hard to contain.

At Henrico’s Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday, there was a round of applause for the county’s elections workers.

“You guys worked extremely hard,” Tyrone Nelson of the Board of Supervisors said.

“You all spent hours and hours to make sure folks could vote differently. This is the first time we tried this and the outcome from a voting standpoint as far as numbers, it’s unprecedented,” County Manager John Vithoulkas added.

That’s the message leaders don’t want to get lost in the news coming down Tuesday afternoon. It started when an election worker tested positive for coronavirus. The county then tested 13 other people in that department. That’s when four more election workers tested positive on top of two employees in the county’s Public Works Department. Both offices are located in the county administration building.

If you showed up there for early voting, county leaders do not believe you’re at risk of exposure.

“The last day of in-person voting was Oct. 31 so you’ve had a full week that’s gone by…The period of which a person is infectious is really two days prior to symptoms. Since we had a full week in between those two, we don’t believe any citizens were exposed to the employee who had the infection,” said Deputy County Manager.

As the Henrico employees work from home, they’re being asked to be on the lookout for any potential symptoms. County leaders will be doing some additional follow up Wednesday as they work to keep the outbreak from spreading.

“We’re hopeful this will be the end of it,” McDowell said.

This comes after several employees at the Richmond City Registrar tested positive for the virus as well. Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney is in quarantine due to potential exposure.

You can reach the following offices by calling these numbers:

  • Voter Registration and Elections Office: (804) 501-4347
  • Public Works: (804) 501-4393
  • Public Utilities: (804) 501-4275

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