Several options available to get free ride to the polls on Election Day

Several options available to get free ride to the polls on Election Day

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - If you need assistance getting to the polls on Election Day, there are several options in central Virginia with groups doing their part to make sure transportation is not a barrier.

If you’re registered to vote, there are no questions asked. Depending on where you live, some city buses will even take you to the polls for free. Other groups have personalized shuttles waiting just for you.

“The vote is power. The vote is our citizen’s right. The vote is our American right,” said Richmond radio personality Clovia Lawrence.

You know her as Richmond radio personality Clovia Lawrence. Today, she’s putting on another hat, a community organizer who wants to make sure there are no barriers to getting to the polls come Election Day.

“They’re going to sit there, the drivers, and wait and we’re also going to have wheelchair accessible vans as well.” She’s talking about several groups that have teamed together to offer free rides to the polls.

All you have to do is call the Poll Patrol at 804-501-0415.

“Leave your name, address, telephone number and we’ll get back with you and we’ll set up a time to pick you up, wait for you while you vote and take you back home,”

Lawrence added speaking on behalf of the group Rolling for Freedom. You can call the hotline ahead of Tuesday or even the day of. That’s not all.

In Richmond, GRTC will also give free rides to your polling location all day long. In Petersburg, city buses there will do the same.

“We’ll be there to pick you up and bring you back home,” said Charles Koonce, Jr.

He heads the city’s transit service. He says city buses will cover all the normal routes which will hit voting precincts. “We have 7 routine stops and on top of that we have an extra shuttle.”

The shuttle will pick you up at your door by calling 804-733-2450.

“At least 40% of the citizens of Petersburg utilizes a transit system so we wanted everybody to have a fair advantage as far as going to the polling places and returning back home,” Koonce replied. So many options to make sure there are no excuses. “Your vote is your voice, your right, and your power. If you don’t bet, you don’t know what you’re going to get,” Lawrence added.

Lyft and Uber are also providing rideshare deals for people who need to get to the polls.

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