RVA Parenting: Vote in Hallowheels Costume Contest!

Updated: Oct. 30, 2020 at 6:36 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - In the year of 2020 problems, add Halloween costumes to the list. But that’s not stopping the annual CATS Hallowheels costume voting from happening!

We’ve shown you the amazing costumes the Hallowheels competition has yielded in years past, from Mickey Mouse to Mader, they’re above and beyond.

“If it was a typical year, we’d have teams from the local colleges and volunteers that would come and help families design costumes for the children that are in wheelchairs," Erika Jenkins, CATS volunteer and mother to Evan (aka Alex Trebek) this year, said. "It’s up to the child what they want their costume to be because they all love finding costumes.”

So now, families, like the Jenkins family, are taking on the challenge, which is building the costumes themselves.

“We’re trying to decide if we’ll make him Alex Trebeck, or if we’ll see if we make him one of our favorite contestants, maybe Jeopardy James,” Jenkins said. “He had a pretty good run this year.”

We’re starting to see the finished products and the results are out of this world! Costumes such as NASA astronauts, star wars snow speeders.

The final product - just delicious. Food trucks, cakes, even skittles. Even pumpkin patches.

So, what is a winning costume? That’s up to you! The Halloween costume-off benefits CATS: A program that basically takes used equipment that kids with special needs have outgrown or don’t need anymore, and matches the equipment with new families that do need it.

Often, this is equipment that helps kids achieve mobility or important therapy goals. And it’s at no cost to families.

So whether it’s Elsa or Woody - or any other one of these darling kids. Cast your vote by Nov. 3 right here.

You can donate any amount you like, and you can see who is winning!

Fundraising - like this Hallowheels competition - keeps the organization going, and changing lives- by making life accessible to kids and their families.

Plus, have you seen better costumes than this?

Another spooktacular display from a program looking to make not just Halloween, but life, accessible for kids.

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