Licenses suspended at 4 Richmond bars over COVID-19 violations

Licenses suspended at 4 Richmond bars over COVID-19 violations
Richmond police say a shooting happened inside Good Tymes WineBar and Restaurant early Sunday morning. (Source: NBC12)

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - The Richmond Health Department suspended the licenses at four Richmond bars over COVID-19 guideline violations.

Health officials have previously said permits are suspended when there is “an immediate and acute public health threat, and is effective immediately.” This can range from masks not being worn, large gatherings without social distancing, places serving from the bar and other things that violate Gov. Ralph Northam’s executive order.

Richmond Health District Director Dr. Danny Avaula said the licenses at Good Tymes, Cornerstone, Slingshot and Therapy were suspended as of Friday.

This is the second time Good Tymes has had its permit suspended. The business was one of several that the health department suspended in September, but was later to allowed to reopen. This also comes after Good Tymes had its liquor license and beer/wine license temporarily suspended after a woman was shot inside the restaurant on Oct. 18.

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