Decision 2020: One-on-one with Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas

Updated: Oct. 22, 2020 at 3:02 PM EDT
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CULPEPER, Va. (WWBT) - Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas and U.S. Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger are in a tight race to win over voters in the seventh district.

Political reporter Anthony Antoine went to Culpeper to have coffee with Freitas at Ravens Nest, one of his favorite places.

“My daughter worked here for a while, the owner is a great person and the coffee is really good," he said.

The former Green Beret says his political ideals are simple.

“Individual liberty, free markets, private property rights, personal responsibility.”

Freitas believes the government has overstepped when it comes to healthcare. Implementing too many mandates restricting the supply of products and services.

“That’s what leads to higher costs and lower access. If it’s just the government talking about coverage, coverage without care is worthless.”

He’s against the Affordable Care Act, instead, he supports a Congressional bill - HR 692.

“What that does it remove these regulations and keep certain rules in place for preexisting conditions. We want to get to the point where you’re Increasing supply, it’s the only way you can bring down the cost and increase quality," says Freitas.

Healthcare is an issue that helped flip the House of Representatives in 2018 and critics have hit Freitas pretty hard on his record.

In February, he was the only delegate to vote no on a mandate for small-group market insurance companies to cover autism diagnosis and treatment.

"The autism bill is one they hit me on a lot and it’s personally offensive to me because I have two cousins with autism. He goes on to say, “Did that create more resources? Did we go and look at the budget and say there’s going to be additional costs associated with this, so we need to allocate the funds in order for people not to wake up and see that their premiums went up.”

In March, Freitas voted against capping insulin prices.

“The only things worse than an expensive pharmaceutical is no pharmaceutical, and price caps usually leads to rationing producing lifesaving drugs that we need. Capping insulin prices doesn’t address why it’s so high in the first place.” And in 2018, he voted no on Medicaid expansion in Virginia.

COVID 19 is a major issue for voters and a number of them have a problem with how the President is handling it.

But Freitas is in line with the President and his actions.

“I’m not trying to separate myself from the President, but I’m also not running as the President, I’m running as me. With respect to the things that do fall within the federal government, with respect to allocating resources and shutting down international travel to hotspots, a lot of that was achieved. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do a better job in the future.”

Lastly, we touched on impeachment, something his opponent voted in favor of.

Freitas says, “I don’t know, I would say this. I wouldn’t have been against an inquiry, but when the data came out, I just don’t think it was sufficient.”

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