On the Sidelines- October 16 (Pete Mutascio)

On the Sidelines- October 16 (Pete Mutascio)

MIDLOTHIAN, Va. (WWBT) - Cosby took the field for its first football season in the fall of 2006. Pete Mutascio was the Titans' head coach then and has been ever since.

Mutascio has guided the Cosby football program since its infancy and has seen the ups and downs. He remembers the first season when there wasn’t any grass on the practice field and part of the team’s conditioning was picking up rocks on the surface. During that time, he worked on blending players from different areas and creating the identity and culture of the Titans.

Cosby played its first full season in 2007 and did not have the initial struggles that many new programs see. The Titans did not post a losing season until 2016 and finished 11-1 in 2011, just their sixth full campaign. Mutascio says he doesn’t necessarily remember numbers, records or seasons. He remembers players.

Football is a community, and that showed during the head coach’s battle with throat cancer in 2016 and 2017. His players rallied around him, came to his house to help out, and even other programs chipped in to lend a hand.

Mutascio is happy at Cosby, and says he plans to stay at the school until his coaching career is finished.

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