Race for Richmond Mayor: Spotlight on Alexsis Rodgers

Race for Richmond Mayor: Spotlight on Alexsis Rodgers

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Alexsis Rodgers wants to make the transition from advocate to executive.

She’s running for Richmond mayor and says a vote for her is a vote for changing how things are done inside city hall. Rodgers wants to bring what she calls meaningful change to the city.

“That’s what pushed me over the line. I said, ‘you know what we need: a mayor who is going to listen and act. Someone who is going to take these concerns seriously,’” said Rodgers.

From criminal justice reform to evictions and affordable housing, Rodgers has a list of priorities if she’s elected, including helping small businesses and gig workers with economic relief during the health pandemic.

“The City of Richmond should have been thinking, you know, that we’ve got folks like that in our community from day one. We’ve got to make sure they have access to cash payments,” said Rodgers.

Her COVID-19 recovery plan includes changing tax policies and making sure everyone has the same access to outdoor space.

“Everybody doesn’t have access to a safe park,” said Rodgers. “Everybody doesn’t have access to a backyard, so we need to be creative about making sure we are expanding access to green space.”

The 28-year-old is no stranger to policymaking. She’s worked for Planned Parenthood, The National Domestic Workers Alliance and for then-Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam.

Rodgers wants to make public transportation free and invest more money into affordable housing. As for heightened tensions with police this summer, Rodgers says it’s about dispatching the right response, adding there is another way.

“I think a lot of folks call on the police officers to do too much, and I think police officers are ready to stop responding to some issues, frankly, they’re not prepared for,” said Rodgers.

Rodgers says the current administration dragged its feet on bringing about change to the river city only stepping up in an election year.

“In fact, it is only this year we are seeing any kind of initiatives from the mayor’s office to move forward on some of these issues,” said Rodgers.

Rodgers grew up in the Richmond area with a family in Hanover County.

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