Powhatan Sheriff’s Office calls letter telling family to leave country a ’cowardly act of intimidation'

Powhatan Sheriff’s Office calls letter telling family to leave country a ’cowardly act of intimidation'

POWHATAN Co., Va. (WWBT) - The Sheriff in Powhatan has strong words for whoever mailed a scathing letter to a family, simply because they support Black Lives Matter. The letter told the Powhatan family they need to leave the country because of their views. The sender claims people are contributing to “White Christian genocide” and as a result, they have “a right to lethal defense.”

It’s all because of a sign posted in a family’s front yard that said, “Black Lives Matter.” The family lives in the eastern portion of the country, not far from Judes Ferry Road. They don’t want a lot of attention brought to them personally. They were just hurt to get that letter in the mail.

“That family, the letter bothered them. One of the most sacred things that we have in this county and in this country is you have a right to feel safe in your home,” Sheriff Bradford Nunnally said.

That’s why he says a deputy got on the case right away, visiting the family’s home Tuesday to see the letter first hand.

“We’re trying to determine who the sender of that letter was, and if at all possible, pursue a legal action that is correct,” he added. He calls it a form of “cowardly intimidation.”

“It is very important that we all have our opinions and beliefs but to use a form of intimidation to make someone feel uncomfortable in their own home, based on their own opinions and beliefs, I think is crazy…It’s just a form of oppression. It’s just a form to try to get us to go away with it,” Triston Harris said. He’s glad law enforcement is taking this seriously. “To that family in Powhatan, I tell them there are so many families like you. There are so many people that feel the way you feel because we understand Black lives matter,” he said.

The Commonwealth’s Attorney is also getting involved to help track down the sender. Authorities have also forwarded this information to the postal service for further investigation.

“This country was founded on the principle of being able to peacefully express your opinion and we will support that,” Sheriff Nunnally said.

The letter had a return address to the Communist Party of America in New York and was addressed to “Our loyal supporters.”

The sheriff’s office asks that if any other resident has received a similar letter or other forms of intimidation that they contact Lt. Marilyn Durham at (804) 598-5656.

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