Neighbors fed up with road conditions, speeding on Hopkins Road

Published: Oct. 15, 2020 at 11:37 PM EDT
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CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WWBT) - Whether it’s scarred trees, damaged road signs or tire tracks running through yards, neighbors on the 5000 block of Hopkins Road in Chesterfield County say they’ve had it with an ever-growing list of accidents they say are caused by speeding and poor road engineering.

“If you sit on my screen porch it sounds like Daytona,” said Mike West.

“Any given week, any given day you might have two accidents out here,” said Henry Taylor.

Harvey Griffith says he’s been living on Hopkins Road for over 30 years, but in the past decade, he’s seen a significant increase in traffic accidents, many of which he says happen right outside his home. He says for years he’s been contacting Chesterfield County, the police department, and VDOT about addressing these issues.

“With children playing in the yard, my biggest fear is that somebody is going to get hurt," said Griffith. “Especially when the road is wet, they can’t get around this curve at 35 miles an hour.”

So far Griffith says he’s documented seven separate incidents over a three-day period just in the past week.

But the county is saying that speed isn’t the issue. The county says they conducted an 11-day speed study in May. The data from that study showed that of the 56,374 cars traveled the roadway which is posted at 35 mph, that violations at 10mph over were at a 2% violation rate (1,294 violations), and at 15 over there is a 0% violation rate (36 violations) which indicated that violation rates are so low then it indicates that there is not a speeding issue. However, police say that with constant accidents, the roadway needs to be re-engineered.

In response, VDOT says in the past year they’ve made pavement marking and signage upgrades. They add that the VDOT Chesterfield Residency is making plans to resurface the curve at Edgemere Boulevard to provide increased friction, as well as plans for additional asphalt patching in the curve.

The county’s transportation director Brent Epps said in a statement that Chesterfield Transportation is in the early stages of evaluating a possible roundabout at this location. At this time, no funding has been identified nor has the Board of Supervisors approved a project at this location.

“I need some of my tax money back if they don’t have money to improve to a life-saving issue,” said Taylor.

“How many more accidents, the damage to property and possibly life and limb, before changes are made?” said Griffith. "What happens between now and the time they get around to fixing it?

VDOT says the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors approved the addition to their Secondary Six-Year Plan to install pole-mounted speed displays on the curve ahead signs. VDOT is currently working with its on-call contractor to schedule asphalt patching in the curve this season before asphalt plants close.

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