Groundhog vs. bobcat standoff caught on camera in Conn.

WILTON, Conn. (News 12 Connecticut) - A gutsy groundhog faced off with a bobcat and survived, and it was caught it on video.

“You are really just pulling up in your driveway, you are not expecting to see something like that,” said David Drew, who recorded the encounter.

The groundhog stood its ground and stared down the larger, faster foe.

“I think the groundhog knew if he turned and ran that was going to be it for him,” Drew said.

He honked his horn, but it was man’s best friend that probably saved the day.

“The dogs in my car started barking at the two of them, and the groundhog took the moment the bobcat was distracted to bolt,” Drew said.

Drew and his family now have quite the story and a new respect for nature.

“I am not about to go running around chasing a bobcat; that is not something I signed up for,” he said.

Connecticut calls bobcats the state’s top predator, and they encourage people to call in any sightings.

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