Senate challenger Harrison criticizes Graham’s ‘good old days of segregation’ comment

Graham says 'good old days of segregation' in super precedent discussion in Barrett hearing

(Gray News) - Jaime Harrison, the Democratic challenger to Sen. Lindsey Graham’s Senate seat, highlighted an apparent off-the-cuff remark by the senator during the Supreme Court nominee hearing.

Graham referred to “the good old days of segregation” during a discussion Wednesday on so-called super precedent cases by the court.

In context, it appeared he said it sarcastically. He and nominee Amy Coney Barrett were talking about the Brown v. Board of Education ruling, which ruled racial segregation in schools was unconstitutional, and how there has been no notable effort to overturn it for some time.

“And one of the reasons you can say with confidence that Brown v. Board of Education is super precedent is that you’re not aware of any effort go back to the good old days of segregation by a legislative body, is that correct?” Graham said.

Harrison, who is in a competitive race in South Carolina for Graham’s Senate seat, tweeted about the comment.

“@LindseyGrahamSC just called segregation ‘the good old days,’” he wrote on Twitter. “The good old days for who, Senator? It’s 2020, not 1920. Act like it.”

A Graham campaign spokesperson responded in a written statement.

“Once again, this is staggering intellectual dishonesty from the left," the spokesperson said. "Senator Graham was using sarcasm to make the point that ABSOLUTELY NO ONE wants to go back to segregation, hence why there are no active lawsuits to do so. More efforts trying to drum up controversy where none exists.”

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