Race for Richmond Mayor: Spotlight on Tracey McLean

Race for Richmond Mayor: Spotlight on Tracey McLean

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - She’s a Richmond native who says her “people person” skills are just what city hall needs. Tracey McLean is telling voters why they should choose her.

The 49-year-old may be the underdog in a crowded field, but Mclean says she’s got what it takes to become Richmond’s next mayor.

“I felt like it was time for someone to run who can relate with everyone and who can actually change some things that have been needed changing,” said McLean.

Relying on her Christian beliefs, McLean is running because the mother of 10 says she hasn’t seen a change in all her years living in the city.

“I have some solutions that I feel like people who are political won’t gravitate to,” said McLean.

Her administration’s priorities would include reparations.

“I definitely want to offer reparations but reparation in the way of like education, tax credits, health credits,” said McLean. “These things that are necessary to actually be able to live a full life.”

McLean doesn’t have any major criticism of the current administration’s handling of the on-going COVID-19 response. But she says there’s more that can be done to help small businesses including creating a bartering system.

“A lot of people are not coming out to work,” said McLean. “So if we can help one another and work with one another to keep our businesses going so we can continue to make money, then I feel like we can make it through COVID-19.”

After a summer of unrest in Richmond, McLean says a simple solution is to have police officers live where they patrol. She’s also an advocate for more assessments and training.

“It’s really important that we have a relationship with one another because that relationship is the thing that saves the decisions people make as far as whether you should shoot or whether you shouldn’t,” said McLean.

She’s has lived in every district in Richmond throughout her life. McLean also owns a cosmetics shop in Henrico County.

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