Race for Richmond Mayor: Spotlight on Justin Griffin

Justin Griffin on run for Mayor of Richmond

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - We continue our discussion with the candidates hoping to be Richmond’s mayor for the next four years. NBC12 is going one-on-one with Justin Griffin who calls himself the change agent.

Griffin entered the world of politics as part of the opposition to the Navy Hill project. He’s hoping to get your vote in what’s becoming a crowded field for the job.

Griffin’s campaign website couldn’t be more clear: he’s running for mayor because he says “Richmond deserves better.”

“I’m fed up with the misplaced priorities and mismanagement that we see in the city government,” said Griffin.

The 31 year old says his business and accounting background makes him the perfect candidate to root out waste at city hall.

“Bring back confidence in the safety of living and doing business in the City of Richmond and then from there going in and turning the Richmond City government upside down,” said Griffin.

If elected, Griffin will push tax dollars toward roads, sidewalks and schools, things he says will help at the neighborhood-level. It’s also promises Griffin claims the current administration is dragging its feet to accomplish.

“We are going to fix all of the problems that we hear promised to us every four years and then the mayors never accomplish them,” said Griffin.

He says the city’s COVID-19 response is muddied in politics. Griffin has a coronavirus action plan online, adding his administration would pay more attention to the elderly and those with medical conditions.

“What we need to be doing is focusing on what I’ve been saying from the beginning is helping the most vulnerable in our community,” said Griffin.

With a summer of civil unrest in the city, Griffin says the best way to move forward is to work on relations between police and the community, the candidate says that starts when destructive actions turn into productive talk.

“If we’re talking about the police and the community having productive conversations then we need to restore peace and order to the city because we are so distracted right now with the potential for riots,” said Griffin.

Griffin says that business background of his is what sets him apart from the other candidates and will help lead the city out of the economic downturn currently unfolding.

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