Trump tweets could provide boost for GOP Congressional candidates

Trump tweets could provide boost for GOP Congressional candidates

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Another barrage of tweets from the president is putting Virginia in the political spotlight ahead of November’s election. Overnight, Donald Trump took aim at the state’s governor and the second amendment.

“The president feels like Virginia is in play. That’s obvious from his visit to Newport News a few weeks ago. I was there for that,” said Rich Anderson, Republican Party of Virginia Chairperson. “He had a very positive, upbeat and on-target observation about what is taking place in Virginia.”

But, UVA Center for Politics Executive Director Larry Sabato says Virginia and its 13 electoral college votes are likely in the hands of Democrats this fall.

Sabato adds Trump’s spotlight on rural priorities, including gun rights, could drive more conservatives to the polls in those areas and help Republican congressional candidates in close races.

“Those are also the districts where Trump tends to do better than suburban or urban districts,” said Sabato. “So you know this can go well beyond trying to win Virginia for Trump, it could be that he’s trying to help the candidates for the House. Senate race is not close as we all know.”

Alternatively, Sabato says it could be the campaigns trying to force the other to spend more money and time in Virginia and less in other states. Sabato says the commonwealth isn’t on either campaign’s list of battleground states.

“The last several days, the tweeting here in Virginia makes absolutely no sense,” said Terry McAuliffe, (D) former Virginia Governor. “He has no chance of winning in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We’ve got a massive campaign going.”

Meanwhile, Governor Ralph Northam sent out a release urging Virginians to register to vote ahead of Tuesday’s deadline.

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