Richmond group brings science lessons to students’ yards

Mad Science of Central Virginia offers outdoor science labs for students

Bring mad science to your yard

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - As students get back to reading, writing and arithmetic, members of one group warns “don’t forget about science.” So, to keep the subject from being put on the back burner, they are bringing science labs straight to your yard.

Tiffanie Pirault and Cedar Moore, also known as “Tricky Tiff” and “Celestial Cedar,” are mad scientists with the organization, Mad Science of Central Virginia.

They go to different neighborhoods, bringing science labs to families’ front doors as an addition to homeschooling and virtual learning.

Recently, they headed to a home in Glen Allen. The lesson of the day involved solving the case of a missing cookie recipe.

The scientists brought everything needed to crack the case - pictures of suspects and their motives, fingerprint, bite, and ink analyses, and even magnifying glasses.

“They need this interactive element to keep them engaged,” said Moore.

“We wanted to make sure that science still stays as part of schools' curriculum,” said Mad Science of Central Virginia co-owner Anastasiya Rogatnik. “Sometimes, I feel like science tends to take a backseat to language arts and mathematics. So, we just wanted to make sure it is still a big part of kids' lives.”

“I think it helps you relate to the world around you,” said Pirault. “I just want them to see that even serious sciences, too, can be fun and there can be a lot of different ways that you can solve these things.”

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