American Red Cross in need of volunteers amid busy disaster season

American Red Cross in need of volunteers amid busy disaster season

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - In the midst of a pandemic, the American Red Cross continues to respond to what Jonathan McNamara calls an incredibly busy disaster season.

"It’s not only the hurricanes, it’s the wildfires that has taxed the system. What we have seen is volunteers deploying multiple times, we have seen volunteers deploy, come back, wash their clothes and go back,” said Virginia Red Cross Communications Director, Jonathan McNamara.

With Hurricane Delta threatening the Gulf Coast, and more than a month left in hurricane season, McNamara says the need for more volunteers is high.

"We’ve really had to be flexible and creative, creating virtual positions where people can volunteer from home,” McNamara said.

For those working in the field, the Red Cross is prioritizing the community and volunteers' safety.

“We are only sending volunteers who are healthy into the field. We are making sure they are wearing masks, increasing social distances in facilities, changing the way we are delivering services, where we may deliver meals, we will leave it at the door instead of having face-to-face interaction,” McNamara said.

No matter the changes, the mission will remain the same.

“Our mission is to alleviate human suffering and we are looking for volunteers in the community who also share that passion,” McNamara said.

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