Are you still getting Amazon Prime 2-day free shipping?

Are you still getting Amazon Prime 2-day free shipping?

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - When the pandemic began Amazon Prime changed it’s 2-day shipping model to prioritize important deliveries. Some are wondering if 2-day shipping is really back or gone for good?

Well, if you live in a major city or close to an Amazon fulfillment center, you may still be getting that 2-day delivery window. But many others are not and are waiting for four to five - even six - days, and they’re starting to complain.

Kyle James with the popular website actually reached out to Amazon to see what’s going on.

Amazon offered him a one month credit on his prime membership which came out to about $10.

Amazon put it on the credit card he used to sign up for his prime membership.

“It’s not a lot but it’s definitely worth calling Amazon and saying ‘hey what’s going on?’ and a lot of times they’re going to give you that free 10 bucks,” said James.

Kyle James says since posting a blog on this on his website a few people have reached out to say they did not get a membership credit - but an actual $10 credit right on their Amazon prime account.

James says being a squeaky wheel when your packages don’t arrive in two days, does pay off, as long as you are kind and nice on that phone call or email complaint to amazon.

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