Richmond restaurant owner reopens after correcting COVID-19 violations

Richmond restaurant owner reopens after correcting COVID-19 violations

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - A Richmond restaurant that the health department shut down because of coronavirus violations reopened Wednesday with a new approach to business.

Last week, City Beach was one of half a dozen businesses that had their operating license suspended for not doing enough to keep customers safe from COVID-19.

Since the pandemic, City Beach has always required masks to get inside and had signs calling for social distancing. But when officers and the health department showed up here on a Friday night, they saw some things that made them say the restaurant should be doing much more.

“It was tough,” owner Trent Davis said. Because he didn’t expect to be shut down. “They didn’t like the bar. They told us it needed to be closed down.”

It’s been nearly a week now since City Beach’s business license was suspended. The restaurant came up with a plan to make sure they’re keeping guests safe from coronavirus, and the health department came back to take a look. Davis says they gave him the OK to re-open, with things looking a little different.

“All of our tables now are 6-feet apart,” Davis explained.

He won’t allow more than 100 people inside.

“We closed everything off here,” he said pointing to the bar. People can still order drinks but they’ll have to do so from a table, not the bar. “We’re going to try to keep the garage doors open when we can for the airflow.”

Even staff was required to watch training videos on best practices serving guests during a pandemic. It’s been tough for small businesses after closing for months at the height of the pandemic. City Beach is taking the guidelines seriously because they want customers to come back.

“To be as socially distanced and still have people have a good time here…We’ve been here four years now and we hope to be here a long time in the future,” Davis said.

Now that they have a second chance, they don’t plan to let it go to waste.

NBC12 reached out to the health department to see if it shut down any other restaurants and is awaiting a response.

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