The ins and outs of smart home protection devices

The ins and outs of smart home protection devices

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Those so-called “smart home devices” are only growing in popularity! So, you need to be smart about protecting your household from potential hackers.

Everyone seems to have a smart gadget these days in their home.

Think Amazon Echo, Google Nest, even Ring doorbells. It’s fun technology, but there are some added risks of hackers getting into your system and stealing your information or even spying or eavesdropping.

It’s very important you use a strong password. Not an easy phrase or a birthdate, but something difficult to figure out with the capital and lowercase letters and even special characters.

Also, make sure you change the password that comes with your home wi-fi, cable system or security cameras. Don’t just keep the password it loads with, change it!

Always use a 2-factor authentication if it’s available. That’s a step that goes beyond just a username and password.

If you have unwanted smart devices lying around, reset them!

I’m mean a complete factory reset. It could save from fighting identity theft in the future.

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