Introduce your kids to investing

Introduce your kids to investing

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Investing in your future is one of the best lessons you can instill in a child.

Yes-- we’re talking stock market, here.

It’s never too early or too late, for that matter, to learn all about the stock market.

Cherry Dale a financial coach with the Virginia Credit Union says it’s a fun process and you can even use play money.

Explain the nuts and bolts of investing, and maybe even have them start tracking companies of personal interest to them.

“I would just pick a company that your child likes and find the ticker symbol for that company and then just follow that company over time. Then your child can really see ‘oh if I would have invested this money at this point in time’ what will I gain or would I lose,” Dale said.

Cherry says you’re teaching them what it means to invest. It can be a fun and invaluable family activity.

Your kids might not become financial advisors when they get older, but understanding money on a more advanced level can strengthen their fundamental skills now.

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