‘She checks a lot of boxes’: Political analysts weighs President’s Supreme Court nomination

Local political analyst reacts to Trump's Supreme Court pick

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Eight days after Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing, President Donald Trump announced Amy Coney Barrett as her successor on the White House lawn on Saturday.

NBC12 political analyst Condit says the public can expect Barret’s approach to the law to appeal towards president trump and the GOP.

“She meets the requirements, she has been recently vetted, so she has been through that process with the Senate. That means that there aren’t as many surprises as could potentially be with other candidates,” Condit said. “When you look at the demographics and the research his base identifies are ... clearly pro-life, clearly conservative, clearly Evangelical Christian.”

If confirmed, Barrett’s seat on the Supreme Court would cement a 6-3 Conservative majority among justices. Condit expects Trump to utilize Barrett’s presence on the courts to influence two hot button policies: the future of the Affordable Care Act and access to abortion.

“She’s a former clerk for Antonin Scalia, so she clearly understood his approach and subscribes in major parts in his approach to strict constructionist and original intent-ist, and we assume she follows that same course,” Condit said. “On one hand, Trump is moving forward to eliminate and overturn the Affordable Care Act in the court and that case will actually be heard on the 10th of November, so if she is seated before then, she will be one of the justices hearing moral argument and ruling on that decision. She appeals to him in that sense, and that he hopes that this will bring out the pro-life vote in mass.”

But Condit says Barrett’s appointment may energize the other side of the political aisle, too.

“While this is going to animate the pro-life community on one side, perhaps to get the polls, which they traditionally haven’t done. I think this also going to animate the pro-choice political community to sort of double down and come back in force as well. So I think we’re going to see amazing voter turnout," said Condit.

If Barrett is appointed, it will make her the youngest member on the Supreme Court at 48 years old. The president is hoping to have her officially seated before the election.

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