More than $6 million raised for COVID-19 Response Fund

VIRGINIA STRONG: NBC 12 viewers help raise $15,540 for the COVID 19 Response Fund

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Since the Central Virginia COVID-19 Response Fund was activated in March 2020, $6.1 million has been raised to help the community.

“The most significant thing is how the community came together, and just the fact that people could quickly quit what they were doing and pivot and bring money and resources and time to the fund and work together,” explained CEO of the Community Foundation for a Greater Richmond.

Armstrong says the Community Foundation helped seed the fund with $500,000 and partnerships, as well as community donations have helped it grow to more than $6 million.

August 2020 overview from the Community Foundation for a Greater Richmond.
August 2020 overview from the Community Foundation for a Greater Richmond. (Source: Community Foundation for a Greater Richmond)

Close to $5 million in grants have gone to community organizations and public agencies.

“It is not too late, you can continue to contribute to the fund. We are getting contributions on a daily basis. We anticipate resources will be needed through the end of the year," she explained.

COVID 19 Response Fund Overview
COVID 19 Response Fund Overview (Source: Community Foundation for a Greater Richmond)

Armstrong says the fund is working to prepare to continue supporting the community through the beginning of 2021. She says as efforts shift from emergency response to recovery efforts the focus will be:

  • Safety net clinics providing medical care and behavioral healthcare for the uninsured and undocumented.
  • Interventions that aid those who have lost their jobs or whose employment has been affected.
  • Programs that assist those who are in danger of eviction community-based organizations addressing food insecurity.
  • Public school systems as they continue to adapt to virtual modes of education and service delivery.

“We have a real strength here in this region,” said Armstrong. “There is a lot of generosity, and I think ultimately people care about other people and want to do what’s right. I think as a result of this type of effort and others during COVID-19, we are well-positioned and poised to be more resilient as a community.”

NBC12 viewers showed their support and what it means to be “Virginia Strong,” by purchasing t-shirts to benefit the response fund.

“I have seen people with the shirts on, it’s been a rallying call in a way that shows we are all in this together,” said Armstrong.

The t-shirt campaign ended on May 27, and more than 25% of each purchase (all profit) went toward the local cause.

NBC12 viewers purchased 2,590 shirts donating $15,540 to the COVID-19 Response Fund.

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