Decision 2020: Checking in with Chesterfield County ahead of November

Decision 2020: Checking in with Chesterfield County ahead of November

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WWBT) - Election Day is just a few weeks away, and something General Registrar and Director of Elections Constance Hargrove says is always needed: poll workers.

“When it’s the presidential election we ramp up the number of workers that we use, so we may be recruiting about 1,200, so we can have a reserve,” said Hargrove.

Hargrove says some people sign up, but don’t end up working, something that will definitely happen this November because of COVID-19.

“There are some younger people that are not of the [older] population, that have underlying health conditions there are those that have a family member that has an underlying health condition, so it’s not just 65 or older who will not be working there are all ages, it really varies,” she said.

But the county does say they have safety measures in place for poll workers.

“The Department of Elections, the state, is providing PPE for all of the poll workers for Election Day so they will have their face masks, they will have face shields, gloves, all of those items are being supplied by the Department of Elections, as well as hand sanitizer,” she said.

The county also approved four satellite voting locations that will open Oct. 19 so voters can either vote in person or drop off an absentee ballot.

“The General Assembly voted to have no excuse absentee ballots starting with this election, so the increase of people who will turn out to vote absentee or early, it’s just going to be a substantial number of people who do that and then add COVID on top of it,” she said.

So far the county says its processed nearly 30,000 mail requests for absentee ballots.

“We do have to process them inside of the state database, each one of those produces labels that we have to put on envelopes, stuff the ballot, and then mail them out to the voters. So that’s a long process,” said Hargrove

If you would like to learn how to be a poll worker, you can click here.

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