COVID-19 outbreaks hit state mental institutions in Virginia

COVID-19 outbreaks hit state mental institutions in Virginia
The CDC says COVID-19 will be a Top 10 leading cause of death for 2020. Data from 2018, the most recent year available, indicates the virus will rank third behind heart disease and cancer. (Source: CDC via CNN)

RICHMOND, Va. - Two more patients have died of COVID-19 at Piedmont Geriatric Hospital, bringing the total number of deaths to nine at the state psychiatric institution.

The Richmond-Times Dispatch reports that two patients infected during an outbreak that began in mid-July died earlier this month.

State behavioral health officials said Piedmont had no positive cases of COVID-19 among its employees or patients on Tuesday, but 13 employees and 21 patients have recovered from infection by the virus since the outbreak began.

The pandemic has affected 13 behavioral health institutions, including nine mental hospitals, two training centers for people with severe disabilities, a medical center primarily for the disabled, and a rehabilitation center for civilly committed sex offenders.

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