Richmond-area American Red Cross deploys to help with wildfire and hurricane disaster relief

More volunteers needed to help

Richmond-area American Red Cross deploys to help with wildfire and hurricane disaster relief

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Organizers at the American Red Cross say they’re seeing a significant start to the fall season between hurricanes and wildfires. Now, the organization needs more people to send across the country, but also to respond here in the Richmond area.

Ellen and Susie are headed to Oregon from Richmond to deal with the fallout from wildfires there.

Overall, the American Red Cross has 50 volunteers from Virginia on the ground in other states with 15 of them from the Richmond-area.

“They knew that the damage on the ground was significant and they knew that the need is great,” said Jonathan McNamara, American Red Cross Of Virginia Communications Director. “And I think that speaks to just their character and their resilience.”

Volunteers are helping with evacuation efforts, medical assistance and delivering food and comfort to those fleeing natural disasters.

“If you’re somebody who has lost their home and is need of that type of assistance you can really understand how valuable it is,” said McNamara.

Organizers say doing this all during a pandemic adds an extra layer of concern.

“They’re doing it under incredibly challenging circumstances with COVID-19 wrapped all around them,” said McNamara. “And we’re just grateful because without them we couldn’t deliver the relief that we are in so many communities that need it now.”

The Richmond-area American Red Cross says it will need more volunteers to send to disaster locations and hope people will sign up. You don’t have to deploy to help, the American Red Cross does have virtual positions as well.

“We’ll get you signed up. We’ll get you trained and make you someone who can support our organization,” said McNamara.

To sign up and become a volunteer, you can find that information here:

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