Mother shot 10 months ago in Texas still has bullet in her head

HOUSTON (KTRK) – In the blink of an eye, 34-year-old Grecia Hernandez’s life changed.

In November, the mother of three was heading home from a night out when she started to hear gunshots. She said the next thing she knows, she blacked out.

A bullet had come through the vehicle window and struck her in the head.

Nearly a year later, Hernandez still suffers. She’s in a wheelchair, with a bullet still lodged in her head. She recently underwent a second skull surgery.

“Now I have to care for her instead of her caring for me,” said Nataly Martinez, Hernandez’s daughter.

“We don’t know who did it. That’s one of the things. If we knew who did it, we could have at least gotten a little bit of peace, but we don’t know.”

What Martinez does know is that the shooting changed her life too.

“I had just turned 18. I was going to go to college and everything, and then (the shooter) just took that away from me,” she said.

Her mother, who once knew both English and Spanish, now struggles to speak in just Spanish.

When asked if she was hopeful things will get better for her, she answered that she didn’t really know.

Martinez, however, believes her mother has the strength to recover.

“Hopefully by the time I graduate from college she’s going to be there, and be able to be there in the stands and clap and everything, and cheer me on,” she said. “Yeah, that’s one of my biggest hopes.”

Hernandez was forced to send her youngest son to Dallas to live with a family member due to financial struggles from her inability to work.

The family also faces thousands of dollars in medical bills. They’ve set up a GoFundMe page to help with expenses.

According to the GoFundMe page, doctors told Hernandez’s family shortly after the shooting that the bullet in her head was “too dangerous to remove due to how close it is to her brain and nerves.”

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