Mayor Stoney announces 5 new green spaces in Richmond’s southside

Mayor Stoney announces 5 new green spaces in Richmond’s southside
Mayor Levar Stoney (Source: NBC12)

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Mayor Levar Stoney announced Monday that five unused parcels in Richmond’s southside will be converted into public green spaces.

“The benefits of green spaces are irrefutable and unmatched, and it’s clear that not everyone in this city has been afforded those benefits,” said Stoney. “It’s our job to intentionally correct that injustice.”

The 36 acres are in addition to the 20 acres of new parks the Stoney administration has added. There are also 287 park acres that will be protected from development through conservation easement by the end of the year.

All five parcels are in the city’s southside, three in the Eighth Council District and two in the ninth.

“Regardless of a child’s race, ethnicity, gender, family income or zip code, they should be able to walk down the street and spend a summer afternoon in a welcoming, verdant space,” said Stoney. “Due to systemic racism, that’s now how our city was designed. We have a chance to right that wrong, and we’re starting with these five green spaces.”

The green spaces will be designed using community input.

Stoney will introduce the ordinance at the city council meeting on Sept. 28. Councilmembers Reva Trammell and Michael Jones will copatron the legislation.

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