Fans adjust to usual race-day routines

NASCAR weekend in Richmond

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - It was a strange weekend in Richmond Raceway, and for as bizarre as it felt for those at the track, it also was abnormal for those sitting at home who are usually enjoying a race experience in person.

Andrew Fuller is one of those fans. He has his usual race-day routine down to the tee.

“I get in the truck and go down there before everything kind of kicks off,” Fuller said of his normal race-day ritual. “Just kind of hang out in the midway, then go in the infield and just meet some drivers.”

But for Andrew, and many NASCAR fans like him, that routine was stuck in the park this weekend.

“I’ll just be watching from home, or maybe tailgating outside across the street listening to them,” the NASCAR fan said. “It’s weird not being there this weekend.”

There are a lot of things that Andrew enjoys about being at the track that he missed this year. Interacting with his favorite drivers and being up close and personal with the sport is at the top of the list.

“It’s just cool getting a close-up with Martin Truex’s car, Denny Hamlin’s car, going in the Toyota booth, and getting the best hot dogs they have there.”

In addition to the food and the fanfare, racing faithful will also be missing the sights and sounds of live racing.

“When you’re up close against the fence and you hear the cars come by, you get this feeling... just like a great feeling inside”

Andrew is certainly pleased he can at least watch NASCAR events right now, but he and many others are hoping the green flag can drop with fans in the stands come 2021.

“It’s been pretty tough,” he said. “I wish I was there hanging out with some friends and just tailgating and meeting some drivers, but I’ll take it. I’m ready to be back.”

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